What Do You Consider the Major Milestones in the Evolution of Juvenile Justice?

Question by camrygirl: What do you consider the major milestones in the evolution of juvenile justice?

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Answer by BananaShark
The including of Psychologists and Psychiatrists in the process…

Because of this, if not the public than those involved in the Criminal Justice System have started to understand that kids from “Perfect” homes and don’t go out and start to commit horrible crimes for no apparent reason… Kids go out and do such things as a response to trauma in the home.

Science is documenting that violence in children is a matter of nurture, from conception to death because a pregnant woman’s mental state during pregnancy GREATLY alters their fetus’s mental state after birth…

Not just drug addiction but the parents UNTREATED MENTAL ILLNESS alters the chills genetics.

? Depressed Pregnant Women More Likely to Have Aggressive Kids

We’re learning that the mental state of the parent will alter their very genetics and potential for addiction, mental illness, aggression, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. just by how they act around the child in their first 5 years of life…

? NOVA Science Now – Topic: The Epigenome: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sciencenow/3411/02.html

While the culture the child is exposed to outside the home does have a great impact on their lives, the mental and physical health of the people IN the home is a direct predictor of the future behavior of that child.

Meaning: An intoxicated parent, even if they never drink or do drugs IN FRONT of the child, is abuse because an intoxicated parent is an abandoning and abusive parent… A fatherless child, or more accurately, a child without two HEALTHY caregivers will have treat issues and have poor coping mechanisms later in life… Children of diverse have mental health, trust, and even learning problems that can last a lifetime… (It’s been shown that a child whose parents split up at age 4 will tend to break off healthy relationships 4 years in because that is when they expect to be abandoned. Tom Arnold has a 3-year problem because his parents broke up when he was 3.)

They have documented that the ONLY similarity between those that make it out of abuse and those that don’t is if the child is able to maintain a healthy relationship with an adult outside of the home, a teacher or councilor or coach, and that relationship which trains them in healthy interpersonal relations is the difference between a child that grows up to join a gang or be a rapist and a child that goes to college.

What a parent does during the development of their offspring has a DIRECT correlation to what that child does outside the home, be it a 6 year old stealing candy from a grocery store or a 20 year old robbing a liquor store.

“Why does everyone blame all their problems and choices on their parents!?!?” is the battle cry of our ignorant culture while in psychology we are coming to understand that it is a 1 + 1 = 2 equation.

99% of all children in the criminal justice system are the product of trauma that could have been prevented had we, as a culture, provided proper mental health or addiction treatment to people that feel they have a “Right” to sh*t out kids that they are not emotionally, mentally, or physically capable of providing for. (And yes… I see it as sh*tting out a child since they care MORE about their Bowel Movements than their ability to care for their offspring and then their offspring grows up damaged to act out on their peers and society, turning it into sh*t.)

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