Liver Regrowth Answer to Donor Crisis

Liver regrowth answer to donor crisis

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… of this huge gap, scientists are identifying 'growth factors' that can help the diseased organ regenerate on its own. The therapy, which has been used successfully to treat more than a hundred patients at Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences …
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Burglar gets 4 years after washing out of drug treatment

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At a sentencing hearing Friday, assistant La Salle County state's attorney Nick Balestri said she was kicked out of the treatment program after less than a year and after she allegedly tampered with a required drug test. Balestri asked for 5 years in …
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Jindal plan aims at drug courts, troubled juveniles

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Expand what he called Louisiana's highly successful drug courts beyond the current 48 programs statewide. Release certain non-sex, non-violent drug offenders into treatment rather than continued incarceration. Revamp a state program that he said has …
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