Would Court Here in Conyers, GA Drug Test Me if I Was Brought to Court for Reasons Not Drug Related?

Question by Blaze Deer: Would court here in Conyers, GA drug test me if i was brought to court for reasons not drug related?
Let me start off by saying, the last week of school some stuff happened. Nothing drug related of coarse, im not one to bring stuff like that on school grounds. Anywho, ive been smoking weed since 9th grade, im currently a junior. The last week of first semester i received 10 days of OSS(out of school suspension) and also this school offense apparently went all the way to the head of Georgia education… and the principal of the school said that most likely im going to be sent to an alternative school, probably Alpha. I would have to go to court for them to tell me how long though nd i was wondering would they drug test me? I haven’t smoked in a week so far, just in case. Georgia is a big anti-drug state, and here in Conyers being on the outskirts of Atlanta, they especially don’t play. Also the judge who is head of juvenile affairs is a complete dick. Anyway, thanks for the responses

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Answer by q S
Most troublemakers are also drug abusers. The courts know this and require drug testing for everyone. They can add a substance to your sentence and try and help you avoid a life of crime and uselessness.

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