Drug Addiction?

Question by Coral: ?
Does anybody know a program for a 18 year old? He is aggresive, is using alcohol and maybe mixing with something else.

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Answer by kittyrogers
You need to lay down the law and then if he does not straighten out, place his bags on the front stoop and lock the door (change the locks). Unfortunately, programs and other therapy ONLY work when the person doing the drugs or whatever WANTS help. If he does, call your local hospital and they can guide you. If not, then go with the first suggestion.

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12 Responses to Drug Addiction?

  • Bobbi Jo M says:

    I am not sure of any programs that would depend on where you are from.
    But there are other things you can do like first I would recommend that you talk to him about this and tell him you are scared he could hurt himself.
    Then you could talk to his counselor if you are still in school and ask them for advice. You can do this confidentially without giving his name.
    There are also agencies that will hold interventions and such to help you with this. Just check out what is availible in your area online or phone book.
    My sister went thru the same thing and her friend is using again b/c her parents do, make sure you are proceding in the right direction first. If you ever have questions please e-mail me.
    Good luck to you and I hope things get better.

  • the moose says:

    there are AA meetings for him to attend. there is counseling… and rehab agency’s available. church groups. the help is out..there but he has to want it. you should also get assistance if you are set on helping this person. sometimes.. the supporters..end up being dragged down as well. do not let that happen. you cannot be an alcoholic or addicts savior again i stress..he has to be ready to change. if you are helping …remember he has to change people ..places and things. you cannot drink around him… and there is no such thing as one beer…one drink..or going around alcohol… and not being tempted.

  • imagirl says:

    my heart goes out to you. I’m sorry i don’t have any on hand information, i just wanted to encourage you. if you think there is a drug problem act immediately and aggressively.

  • star_miranda_06 says:

    i suggest that you pray for your son ask God to tell you what to do and to tell you what is wrong with your song. he’s probably like that because of his friends and bad influence. talk to your son and let him know how youe feel but be patient ask him how you can help him and tell him to pray to.

  • LadyJ says:

    A lot of the answers you have received are good. It is true that you can not help a person who does not want help. Most agencies that deal with drug addiction, only helps those who want help. Until this person hits rock bottom with no place to go, they will not want to help themselves and continue to use those around them, especially family and friends. Distance yourself, change the locks, don’t get sucked in by the words they say like “I want to change”, “I’m tired of this”. Until their actions begin to reflect what they are saying, it is just a tactic. You will need a lot of prayer through all of this, and supportive people who know where you are coming from and going through with this 18 year old. Good Luck and God Bless

  • Loven Ubunches says:

    This man is an idiot! There is something you can do and im proof….look
    for a video called cure withdrawal with vitamin c….I know it sounds
    stupid but it works! I was on methadone for12 years (120 mgs daily) and had
    very very little withdrawal. I honestly think if I had took mor I wouldn’t
    have had any. Plz check it out….good luck guys.?

  • 1976espie says:

    Drink Muscle Milk?

  • alagah f says:

    this motherfuckers from Florida is the reason 30% of american are junkie ..

  • davejones8 says:

    i bee trying get answer al over…i came off 240 35 day ago and i feel fine
    i just cant sleep and my popo is 3 times a day but not diahra…..i have 35
    days clean…i ask u to guess how loong until i 100 percent

  • Vickie Bennett says:

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  • Mark Peterson says:

    Uncomfortable…..The understatement of the century.

  • definemaybe says:

    what about weeening, cost you wont die it’ll just feel like it thanks 🙂

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