Researchers Untangle Genetics of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Researchers untangle genetics of drug resistant tuberculosis

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Over the last few decades researchers have used the tools of molecular biology to identify a handful of individual mutations that allow TB to withstand many of the key therapeutics that doctors use to treat it. … The findings also suggest that some …
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A fairy tale with no happy ending for Catherine Zeta Jones

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Harvey Levin, of the showbusiness website TMZ, explains: "Couples used to put up the wall of silence, but now the stuff gets out there anyway, so they are jumping into the fray early on. If a party doesn't look good at … He had a battle with throat …
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Drug court helps addicts in quest to get clean

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Carrie Thomas, coordinator of the Kane County Drug Rehabilitation Court, and others in law enforcement said the problem in St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva and other Kane County communities has caused a spike in heroin addiction and overdose deaths. The …
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