Port Richey Man Had Family, Goals — and an Addiction

Port Richey man had family, goals — and an addiction

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Overcoming addition is a struggle that never lets up, said Ryan Esteves, a University of South Florida psychiatrist who specializes in addiction. Two-week stints in rehabilitation centers only detox patients. Only long-term medical treatment actually …
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Protesters part of church opening

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Love formed a charitable organization in 1990 and was the director of a rehabilitation centre for substance abuse, and claims he's dedicated much of his life to public safety. He drew special attention to charges against a drug rehabilitation centre …
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Your Comments on the Raul Pinet incident: 'Let the police do their jobs'

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From reizarf: Here is the problem … instead of jail this man should have been taken to St. Joseph's mental facility or to a drug rehab facility where he could have detoxed in a nice padded room. In the news it's the whole gun control vs. the gun …
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