Am I Eligible for Prop 36 Drug Treatment? Former DA Explains


Am I Eligible For Prop 36 Drug Treatment? Former DA Explains – More info at A former deputy district attorney — now criminal defense lawyer — discusses California’s Prop 36 drug diversion program for California drugs or narcotics cases. In this video, the drug crimes defense lawyer explains (1) the drug crimes eligible for Prop 36 and (2) how an experienced drug crime lawyer can fight to get you into a Prop 36 program, for drug cases that may not immediately qualify. Between these methods, it’s possible for a criminal defense lawyer to keep you out of state prison after an arrest for drug sale or transport. Can Help Persons Suffering from

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San Diego, CA — (SBWIRE) — 02/01/2013 — Drug addiction is a serious problem that requires effective treatment or the person suffering from addiction does not live to see another day. Parents and relatives of the people fighting addiction always …
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Imaging acute ischemic stroke patients' brains did not lead to improved outcomes

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“The majority of patients were not eligible to receive intravenous t-PA, the only drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of stroke, because they arrived at the hospital too late for t-PA to be effective,” said one of the …
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