My World Is Blue – White Trash Clan Official Video


My World Is Blue – White Trash Clan Official Video – First video off the White Trash LP White Trash does not encourage the use of drugs. ¿Anonymou$ ? & INCITE are The White Trash Clan WTC dropping 9/11 Song Produced by: INCITE for Stranger Pro Productions Written by: ¿Anonymou$ ? & INCITE Edited by: ¿Anonymou$ ? Guest Appearances by: Mark Couchot, Sharissa, Doc Zootz, Angry A, Pharmacy Phill & Donnie


Rep. Cook introduces bill to help prevent prescription drug abuse

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“This bill will continue the fight on and at the same time, save lives,” said Cook in a statement. “This change prohibiting substitutions to a non-tamper resistant pill will in fact, help eliminate the abuse of medications …
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Residential treatment funded for young prescription drug addicts

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The state is seeking bids for 25 residential beds that would offer treatment for the first time to adults ages 18-25 battling prescription drug or opiate addiction on Long Island. Arlene Gonzalez-Sanchez, commissioner of the State Office of Alcoholism …
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MATFORCE: Training for Solutions to Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

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Prescription drug abuse is the nation's fastest-growing drug problem. The Centers for Disease Control has classified prescription drug abuse as an epidemic. Prescription pain killers result in more accidental drug overdoses than cocaine and heroin …
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15 Responses to My World Is Blue – White Trash Clan Official Video

  • chanychin says:

    the? chick is a slut. I used to fuck her and put things in her ass back in the bronx. Shes a dirty little whore

  • rnickelsshsu says:

    correction it was a year? ago…my bad

  • rnickelsshsu says:

    The? chick just got arrested for selling oxys to undercovers.

  • Chris sixseven says:

    Peace to incite & the? whole SINY crew! Unfuckwithable – ghost67

  • lz1er81792 says:

    Yo just to tell youz, the dude “dave” is a fucking snitch he is the one who snitched me out. My name is in the paper cause of that faget? don’t fuck with him.

  • joeylove111 says:

    her case? is dismissed already

  • eltingville81 says:

    Good video especially the hot fairy? chick. Eltingville what’s up!!!

  • Ryan Donovan says:

    Lucy? in the sky with diamonds!

  • adproof96 says:

    yeah okay…you fuckin dick..cause i know exactly what article that is and what paper? its in

  • NYCBlonde says:

    This is not bad at ALL (and FTR I generally detest rap and hip hop–just not my thing). The video is well-done, well-edited, snappy, easy to watch, and anyone who doesn’t pick up on the anti-drug message isn’t listening/watching closely enough. “My favorite part is the nasal drip” (or whatever that line was)? “One in 3”? Plus the fact that the color seeps out of the film as the high wears off?

    Hope the girl? does okay in rehab.

  • 333incite says:

    As for the song itself? Well, it’s? not the Wu Tang Clan, but it’s not bad, either from the huffington post article

  • 333incite says:

    The music video for “My World Is Blue” was uploaded to YouTube in July 2012 and had been viewed more than 11,000 times at time of writing. Although DNAInfo accused the video of “glamorizing prescription drug abuse,” the video does carry a statement to the contrary, and? ends — fittingly enough — with two men dressed as NYPD arresting two protagonists, who then wake up in a dumpster

  • BobbyStrings says:

    Point being there is a lesson to be learned from the video, it’s not the you g? people who should be held accountable its the pharmaceutical company’s that have pushed these things into public knowing damn well that they are highly addictive . So who’s at fault?

  • Diane Morgan says:

    I only watched this because the girl who plays the fairy was busted in a pill ring bust. What a waste of young lives. The video is good, the rap isn’t horrible, the ending is just perfect because you are throwing your life away if you get hooked up with pills. I see all the “blue zombies”? walking around Staten Island every day….don’t they have anything better to do with $20 then buy 1 pill?

  • sheng lee says:

    Some fairy? just got BUSTED!!

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