Heroin Substitute Offers Hope to Addicts

Heroin substitute offers hope to addicts

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Dr. Harrison said the hope is that users will not take hydromorphone forever. But that having the drug consistently available means they do not have to commit crime and they can live calmer lives. “That allows us to get at the underlying causes why …
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The Meaning of Heroin Mortality: Happy Birthday, Sarah

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Drug overdose, violence, alcohol, or suicide accounted for nearly all deaths of which the causes were known. Despite the availability of treatment, including methadone maintenance, both heroin use and criminality continued at a high rate. Of the 428 …
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Viewpoint: How Marijuana Decision Could Signal Turning Point in the US War

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In fact, a study on global addiction problems published this week in The Lancet found that although there are millions more marijuana users than there are users of other drugs, there are 27% more people addicted to heroin and pain relievers worldwide …
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