Fla. Woman Apologizes for Flipping Off Judge

Fla. woman apologizes for flipping off judge

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Rodriguez-Chomat said Soto would have been a convicted felon if he allowed the contempt charge to stand. Her lawyer said Soto will complete a drug court program. That includes treatment for drug addiction and usually results in charges eventually being …
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Mother's quest for leniency rejected by Northumberland County judge

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WASHINGTON — SUNBURY — A Northumberland County judge will not lessen the 12- to 60-month state prison sentence he imposed against the mother of an infant who died from hyperthermia after being left alone for hours in a hot room in October 2010. In a …
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Medical Marijuana Supporters Want Pot Allowed for PTSD

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Evidence of the therapeutic benefits of marijuana still lacks a controlled empirical study, but restrictions enforced by the National Institute for Drug Abuse have prohibited its use in empirical studies, creating a Catch-22. The Federal Drug Agency …
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First Edition: February 8, 2013

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A local hospital chain is heeding Hospice's plea for help, however, and promising to provide services for as many patients as need it" (Dotinga, 2/7). Kaiser Health News: … The bill would put in place standards for about 2,000 “federally …
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