Why Would a Religious Organization, Professing Having the “Truth” Also Have, a “Drug Rehabilitation Center”?

Question by : Why Would a Religious Organization, Professing Having the “Truth” also have, a “Drug Rehabilitation Center”?
This group has denied they have a “drug problem” within their “Organization” How did this happen with all the promises of happiness, and real LOVE?

They are not being persecuted for righteousness sake, so why are so many members seeking rehab for major drug abuse?
God said He would not allow His people to be tested “beyond what they could endure”…so why the heavy drug use?


Why did they hide this here when asked if their was a drug problem? They said we were lying about this…
They are addicted, yes many are, that is why this company is offering them assistance.

They will also need money to pay for this rehab…see;

No Hannah…I exposed it, why don;t you explain it?
This rehabilitation center is not legally able to use the name “Jehovah’s Witnesses” unless they have a legal license to do so. The WTBTS would have to give their permission, based on rehab instructions that are tailored to the Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I hope you are not uncomfortable if you ever have to go there.

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Answer by Khakidoodle
Christians are human, as are all faiths, and we live in the world, and drug abuse may not be common in mature Christians, but it does and will happen, and many are defensive about it.

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5 Responses to Why Would a Religious Organization, Professing Having the “Truth” Also Have, a “Drug Rehabilitation Center”?

  • no1home2day says:

    These drug rehab centers are to reach out to help those who are NOT part of the church – I mean, like DUH!

    Do you also think that doctors are sick because they have clinics where the sick can come and get medical help? (And to think atheist mockers CLAIM to be able to think logically and rationally! You really showed THEM a thing or two!)

  • Grela LaTuc says:

    Because they follow the Bible when it says to help your fellow man.You don’t have to be a member of that organization to be treated. I doubt they hid it, and probably answered the way they did because your question may have insinuated that it was them that had the drug problem. And, no, I don’t belong to that organization, but I see them as a group trying to live their religion.

  • Abernathy the Dullard says:

    LOL that’s not a JW site. JWs don’t belong to the “Jehovah’s Witness Church.”

    That is a drug rehab center that appears to try and cater to about 30 different religions.

  • Lil Miss Sunshine says:

    As we all already know, a lot of JW’s have mental problems. They use and abuse drugs just like anyone else. Now, they can receive care in an environment where the psychiatrists won’t tell them that their religion is what is driving them nuts.

    Here is what the Watchtower says causes drug abuse…
    Among these are disillusionment, depression, and a lack of purpose in life. Additional reasons are economic problems, unemployment, and poor parental examples.

    Some who have difficulty with human relationships use drugs to help them cope in social situations. They believe that drugs boost their confidence, making them feel witty and likable. Others simply find it easier to use drugs than to accept responsibility for taking control of their lives.

    Boredom is another reason youths turn to drugs.

    Sounds like the Watchtower’s way of life…

  • tagboy says:

    Religions rake in enough money to go big business. This group is also addressed as a 30 billion dollar corporation posing as a church. How’s that for a dumb atheist. Not bad for a group that has been around Since the mid 1800’s. I like the bit about no paid positions in the church someone is getting FAT more then likely the President and the Counsel of 12 They run the show. They even have 58 or so thousand recruiting at their own expense what a deal. To many to list


    how does it go you can fool some of the people all of the time.

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