Untreatable Flu-Like Virus Hospitalizing Kids at Same Rate as Flu

Untreatable flu-like virus hospitalizing kids at same rate as flu

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A respiratory virus that was unknown to doctors until 2001, and has no treatment, causes the same severity of illness in young children as the flu, according to the largest study to estimate the infection's U.S. prevalence. The research, published in …
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MRSA: Tedizolid, a New Antibiotic, Proves Effective

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A new antibiotic, tedizolid phosphate, appears to be a reasonable alternative to linezolid for the treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSI): A short (6-day) course of tedizolid phosphate was as effective as a 10-day …
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Drug Users Turn Death Dealers as Methadone From Bain Hits Street

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Cupertino, California-based CRC, which also operates in- patient treatment centers, youth programs and weight-management services, doesn't put profits ahead of patients, said Chief Executive Officer R. Andrew Eckert, in a statement issued in September …
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Murfreesboro man sues after meningitis outbreak

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The suit does not name as a defendant the Massachusetts drug compounding center. Saint Thomas … After two weeks of hospitalization in Florida, he returned to Nashville and underwent further inpatient treatment at the Vanderbilt University Medical …
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