Tylenol Liver Damage Lawyers Are Now Available Through Resource4thePeople

Tylenol Liver Damage Lawyers Are Now Available through Resource4thePeople

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These consultations can provide legal options to men, women and children who allegedly have suffered liver damage or failure due to their use of Tylenol and other products containing the ingredient acetaminophen. … “This announcement is being made …
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Opera and Popular Culture

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From Citizen Kane to The Three Stooges, the Dallas Opera's Keith Cerny lists his favorite operatic moments in pop culture. With lots of video. …. The Three Stooges are hysterical in the episode "Micro-Phonies," making great use of lip synching at a …
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Ex-Cowboy Tony Casillas says Dallas took worse than deer antler spray

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When you think about the secrecy of today's NFL drug-testing policies and the very strict list of banned substances, it's amazing to revisit this Sports Illustrated feature from 1981 in which various athletes openly discussed their use of the ointment …
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