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Woodland Meth-Cooking Case Ends in Plea

Woodland meth-cooking case ends in plea

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Nakata assigned him to the Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative, which provides chemical dependency treatment and counseling to criminals whose offenses are related to addiction. The case began when the multi-agency Columbia River Drug Task Force …
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Op-ed: Why Aren't We Talking About Alcoholism?

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It does, however, seem to me that all of our focus as a community is put on gay marriage and very few efforts our put into some of the other problems that plague us, most notably, drug and alcohol abuse. Why don't we talk about this more when it is …


Sharrif Floyd tackles his difficult past with eye on a better future

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — On the eve of his next chapter, before he caught a ride to the airport in his high school guidance counselor's car for a flight that would help permanently carve his way out of a rough Philadelphia neighborhood, Sharrif Floyd had a …
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