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Police: No Sign of 3rd Party in Berezovsky Death

Police: No sign of 3rd party in Berezovsky death

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A man accused of killing an acquaintance's mother over an alleged drug debt has been booked into the Pinal County Jail. … A prosecutor has again played for jurors a 911 call in which a Michigan teen tells the dispatcher that his grandmother just shot …
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Why laws mandating drug tests for welfare recipients are doomed to fail.

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Those who test positive for drugs will be required to enter a treatment program—at their own expense—in order to continue receiving benefits. The bill has already passed the House, but Republican Gov. … According to the National Conference of State …
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Discovery Could Yield Treatment for Cocaine Addicts

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Reporting in the Journal of Neuroscience, Michigan State University neuroscientist A.J. Robison and colleagues say cocaine alters the nucleus accumbens, the brain's pleasure center that responds to stimuli such as food, sex and drugs. "Understanding …
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