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What Would You as an Individual Like to See Included in a Drug Abuse Advert Creating Awareness?

Question by Tipsy: What would you as an individual like to see included in a Drug Abuse advert creating awareness?
I am working on a Project Assignment on Drug Abuse for teens between 18 and 22years. i Just want to get feedback and hear your views and thoughts?

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Answer by Spaced
someone dead with a needle stuck in their arm

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Prescription Drug Abuse on the Rise Among Kiwi Teens

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Thousands of people in New Zealand have been given methadone treatment to keep them from using heavier drugs. Many patients were addicted to painkillers than illegal drugs like heroin. … Young girls and women over 14 years of age were usually the …
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Among Teens, Spirituality Helps Sobriety, Even For Atheists

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Increased spirituality in teens undergoing substance abuse treatment has been linked to greater likelihood of abstinence (as measured by toxicology screens), increased positive social behaviors, and reduced narcissism, according to an upcoming paper.
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Teens in the welfare system have higher rates of drug abuse

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Drug abuse among teens is commonplace and can have devastating consequences. Teens who abuse drugs are vulnerable for psychological problems, physical problems, academic problems, legal problems, financial problems, and sexual problems.