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Mental Healty Treatment Facility?

Question by barbaraissa: Mental Healty Treatment Facility?
Anyone know of a recovery center that deals with dual diagnosis but mostly the mental health part? Any that I find cost $ 30k+…….that’s enough to drive anyone crazy…sorry, bad joke!

I hear that the mental health care system here in Arizona is just about the worst. We’re willing to send our son (20) anywhere in the US if that place can actually help him but can’t find a place that’d be a great match for him. Dr’s have been trying for 2 years but so far, no balance for this terrific young man. Any suggestions?…………. no stupid replys please!!!!

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Answer by mandolinatou
You do not discuss the dual diagnosis that he has but I am assuming that you are discussing addictions with mental health issues. Do you have insurance? If so they typically require he goes to one of their referred treatment centers. If you do not have insurance I am not sure that you can afford it. 30,000 is pretty cheap considering.
Here is the truth mental health hospitals have changed dramatically in the past fifty years. They are always changing the regulations….and psychiatrists are often doing guess work….there is not clear cut solution to addictions or mental health issues. You should contact social workers and psychiatrists in your area who know your son to get recommendations for placements. One that I know of is:

Charter beacon behavioral health hospital in fortwayne indiana : 1720 Beacon Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46805 (260) 423-3651 2200 Lake Avenue # 240, Fort Wayne, IN 46805
I had worked for them and they were decent several years ago. Most places are not.

One thing I will say is make sure that you understand the drugs that he gets placed on. Make sure that you know the side effects and side effect warnings. Try not to be all gung ho medicine….and try to understand that if he is an adolescent that adolescents should not diagnosed with permantent mental illnesses because of developmental changes. Try moving or finding a way to prevent him from hanging out with the same people. Try getting him involved in sports or other healthy activities and be understanding with him. Good luck

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