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What Are the Implications of Believing Drug Addiction Results From Lack of Will Power?

Question by X: What are the implications of believing drug addiction results from lack of will power?
This is my psychology homework I need to write a small paragraph or two about drug addiction and will power. Need some ideas, thank you.

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Answer by SethSpeaks
Well drug addiction results from a direct and intentional use of drugs. Everybody knows drugs cause addiction, and everyone knows that being an addict is horrifying. But everyone who gets started using always says they won’t get addicted because they have the will power to stop when they want to. So the initial use of drugs has nothing to do with willpower, and is in fact, a willful act. But once addicted, there are changes to the brain and body that, depending on the drug, may make it very difficult, and even dangerous to just stop using. However, I have known people who have stopped the most powerful addictions on willpower alone (even heroin). So it can be done, but it is extremely rare. Once addiction has taken control, most people will require medical and psychological intervention to be well.

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