Shouldn’t Criminals Be Rehabilitated Mentally and Psychologically in Jails and Detentions Centers?

Question by Ashley: Shouldn’t criminals be rehabilitated mentally and psychologically in jails and detentions centers?
Not ‘punished’?
We all know punishment doesn’t solve anything. 9 times out of 10 it’ll just make these criminals more hateful, and likely to do worse.
Common sense.
Teddy, that’s terrible. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
That just sparks up more spite into them, which’ll lead to more trouble, which’ll lead to endless crime in America.

Best answer:

Answer by Teddy
Punishment can work. We just don’t do it right. If you cut off a thief’s hand, they will not steal a second time.

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9 Responses to Shouldn’t Criminals Be Rehabilitated Mentally and Psychologically in Jails and Detentions Centers?

  • earwaxyness says:

    Sure, as should many homeless people. Who the heck’s going to fund all that? Medical care is not cheap and it’s getting more expensive by the day it seems. I know, I know, in the long run it would probably be cheaper to teach skills, treat mental illness, etc. but initially it’s more expensive.

  • Diablo says:

    Start off with drug treatment, you know how many addicts and people that are in prison for drug offenses, total waste of tax payer money. Locking someone up for getting high is about as lame as it gets.

  • Jeff V says:

    Rehabilitation does occur in many prisons for convicts whom it seems likely to work with. Most research shows that rehabilitation programs on hardened criminals has nearly no effect. The fact if that very few criminals are good fits for these programs. Most people who are in prison have committed many crimes before having been caught. Most have no interest in rehab. They want to get out and back to banging… Most are criminals because that’s the only place they fit in.

  • static line says:

    rehabilitation doesn’t work either and is hardly a deterrent. what jail will do is deter those that haven’t crossed the line yet. as far as the ones that have, we simply remove them from society for as long as is possible. nothing will change them except for the armed citizen.

  • dooga16 says:

    When people are wronged, they seem to want revenge. Whether this is a natural emotion or a social construct is kind of irrelevant. Most importantly, though, revenge hurts the individual as much as the person they are targeting. Getting pleasure from hurting others corrupts your innate nature – a nature that doesn’t like to see fellow humans getting harmed. This argument is debatable, but that is how it goes.

    It would certainly be more beneficial to rehabilitate criminals rather than put them in jails. However, they certainly need to be kept away from society. Keep in mind, though, that we can’t exactly justify spending all our tax money on high priced psychological treatments for prisoners. However, we can still utilize current resources better.

    Just treat the prisoners as best you financially can while using them to produce labor that somewhat offsets the cost of their upkeep. Honestly, though, prisoners could easily produce enough of a given item to earn their keep. Whether we utilize their man power sufficiently to do this remains unknown to me.

  • DOMINIQUE78 says:

    I agree that Correctional is a misnomer as criminals come out worse than when they went in. Let me correct my statement and say most do. They put them in a cage so like a cage animal, when they are let out they attack. I do know there are many outreach programs that are increasing in number to truly help ex-convicts. The number one thing that makes most ex cons become recons is the lack of employment. So there are programs out there that give businesses tax credit or some sort of bonus if they hire and ex-con. Programs like these have good success rates as the ex will most likely stay an ex con.

  • how_would_I_know says:

    Punishment certainly does work, the problem is we aren’t punishing them enough. If the filth are ever allowed to leave prison, they should be TERRIFIED of going back.

    Criminals are people who, for the most part, have no desire to be part of our society. If the reward of being a productive member of society isn’t enough for them, then pull out the stick. If that doesn’t work.. let them rot in a cell till they die.

  • Mr Smee says:

    Sadly, in the state of our current economy, we can hardly afford to keep all criminals housed at all. Consequently, it is neigh impossible to rehabilitate all criminals. Plus, some are beyond rehabilitation.

    Its an unfortunate truth, but these criminals made the choices, and thus should pay their time.

  • nurseforglass says:

    Most offenders housed in state prisons who are convicted of robbery, murder, or whatever have the same root cause for their crimes, drugs and/or alcohol. That includes offenders from high school drop-outs (state prisoners are not released until they complete their GEDs in Michigan) to graduates of medical school.

    They receive multifaceted treatment and leave clean and rehabilitated. Then they come right back because that is the nature of addiction.

    One other large group is the sex offenders who like the drug addicts receive multifaceted treatment. They leave rehabilitated after a much longer sentence and come right back because that is the nature sexual deviation.

    A smaller group are the raving lunatics in the Imax. They are so anti-social no one even pretends there is any hope of rehabilitation.

    Clear it up any?

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