Seceding From the States?

Question by jpc8015: Seceding from the States?
Did anybody hear about the Lakota Indian Tribe wanting to disolve their treaties with the federal government and set up their own country? Is this a good idea for them? How would they manage without federal aid for everything from “cultural centers” to drug and alcohol rehabilitation? At some point would we need to go and forcibly take their land back from them in order to save them from themselves? What would the consequences be, could we then take away their status as a soveirgn nation and not give them treaties?

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Answer by Perplexed Bob
Well, considering the living conditions on reservations, I don’t see how they were be losing much if they declared their own country.

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5 Responses to Seceding From the States?

  • Fancy That says:

    technically, all Native tribes are considered their own nation. So the US has many nations with in the nation.

    I think we’ve done quite enough ‘forcibly taking their land’. And you cannot take back what you never had a right to in the first place. That property belonged to these people long before we came along.

    It is the right of any group to define their culture, as long as it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg.

  • Amy says:

    That’s fine; they can do it if they want, but if the land they’re sitting on belongs to the United States government, then they’re going to have to leave or be jailed for trespassing.

    Most people don’t really understand this, but the land that is designated for each state in this country belongs to the U.S. government, not to the individual state. So if, for instance, a state happened to want to secede from the union and wanted to retain its land, it would have to go to war with the U.S. military in order to do that. Not so easy.

    Now picture an Indian tribe fighting our army.

    So it’s unlikely it’ll happen.

  • Big Jon says:

    If the federal government balked at allowing the southern states of the Confederacy to secede from the Union, what in the world makes the Lakota think that the government would allow them to declare their land a separate country from the U.S.?

    I don’t think they have the means to do so by force, which is what it would take.

    And you said it yourself – they wouldn’t be able to manage their daily living without the federal aid they receive now. The current treaties we hold with the Lakota Sioux may call them a “sovereign nation”, but their economic status hardly makes that true, and their land lies within another sovereign state that might turn their National Guard units on them if they get too noisy.

  • Rev Ron says:

    Folks, the Lakota People within the Sioux Nation have disacknowledged all treaties with the United States government and are seceding and proclaiming themselves an independent nation. They have also declared the northern Great Plains a place for wild bison without cattle and their accompanying fences and are talking about bringing Yellowstone’s besieged wild bison herds to this region for good. This is not a rumor; Putin has even chimed in on the side of the Lakota!

  • Mentat says:

    I understand we took their land and all, but the US has spoiled them, badly, to make up for it. I don’t know if this particular tribe is like the others, but being by itself would be a truly tough trial.

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