Relationship After Drug/alcohol Abuse?

Question by hopelesslydevoted: relationship after drug/alcohol abuse?
My boyfriend of almost 2 years began showing signs of a drinking problem about 6 months ago. He was arrested while drunk for disorderly conduct. After that, he stopped drinking so much, but began again during a visit with his family. He then really kicked his butt out of drinking. However, I recently found out that he traded his alcohol addiction for a meth addiction. He is now in jail after failing a drug test at a hospital b/c he was having feelings of paranoia and anxiety and thought it was a psychological problem–it’s not, it was part of his drug abuse. I’d love some advice on how to move on with my life. We had plans to get married, and I’m just crushed to know of all the lies and deceit that took over this relationship. I still care for him and want to help him but know I NEED to move on with my life without him. Any advice or suggestions of where to seek advice would be much appreciated.


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Answer by George P
You need to spend time on the internet researching addictive behaviors. Particular attention should be paid to methamphetamine addiction. Obviously, as you already know, your boyfriend has some serious problems. You need to decide if you are strong enough emotionally to face a future with him. While he may, in fact, get the help he needs and beat this “monkey on his back’, the rate of recidivism is very high. I’m not advising you to “move on with your life” without him but I am asking you to consider if you can “move on with your life” WITH him. best wishes

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  • Violet Pearl says:

    if you know you NEED to move on with your life, do so. Don’t spend any more time researching his problem, or wondering about his problem, or thinking of ways to move on. Just move on. Put it behind you. Stop picking at the scab over the wound and it will heal. Put a period here, not a question mark.

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