Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : The Physical Effects of Addiction


Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : The Physical Effects of Addiction – Discover the physical effects of alcohol addiction in this free home health video. Expert: rivrsurvivor Bio: John DePalma, born and raised in, Queens, NY, ha…


Injection Used to Prevent Heroin Overdoses

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Injection Used to Prevent Heroin Overdoses. (ABC 6 News) — It's a split second decision that can save the life of someone overdosing on drugs. … Now, 12 years sober he wants people to know the dangers of this highly addictive drug that's growing in …


'High'-mindedness about the use of cannabis is counterproductive

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I prefer to allow adults decide what they do — as long as they, and not the rest of us, pay for any consequences, such as higher medical bills — but it would be wrong to dismiss potential side-effects of cannabis. Cannabis is mood-changing; if it …
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Center takes on substance abuse

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Taking part in the national Red Ribbon Week campaign is important to the staff and clients at the Treatment Center because they see the effects of drug abuse. "Statistics show if a child is using by [age] 12 or 14, it increases the chances of …
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No More Poverty Supports Santa Clarita Center Providing Health & Education

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The Omidi brothers and their charity, No More Poverty, announce their sponsorship of the Child & Family Center, which provides aid to troubled families and children in need of mental health, behavioral, or substance abuse resources. The Santa Clarita …
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13 Responses to Recognizing Alcohol & Drug Addiction : The Physical Effects of Addiction

  • BRUCE LEE says:

    A 38 year stuy was just completed on smoking addiction and the effects on the brain.

    People still smoking in the 50’s to 60’s are over 100% sure of getting Dementia and or alzheimer’s disease.

    I’m not going to do any smoking because I worked in a Hospital facility with brain damaged people and trust me you don’t want to go down that road.

    Google this? study that began following people since the 1970’s to see what happend to them :0(

  • imfeliz202 says:

    You are not a lost cause. Believe in yourself and you can move forward, slowly but surely, step by step. Give up and you will cause? yourself to be stuck. Changing your doubt to disbelief can serve you well over time.
    I wish you the best, much hope.

  • Ash Doe says:

    If you need help with a loved one or yourself, we have a newly made website. This website will include the? following:
    *Information about drugs
    *Truth about drugs
    *What to do
    *Stories about people who overcame drug/alcohol addiction

    Substancetruth (dot) c0m

  • budman204 says:

    i’m a drug addict as well as pills ? eney form of pain kiler or musil relaxer i have givin thought to geting cleen but i alredy know i am almost a lost cause

  • cutely15 says:

    Thank you so? much for uploading this!!

  • Jasran2010 says:

    totally agree! Info is very vague and minimum. thanks for adding? the rest

  • xTRUExHATEx says:

    Okay, by the? time someone has rotted teeth, hair loss(?) or jaundice, you would have to be an idiot to have to rely on their appearance to know they are addicted.

  • Brett Dalton says:

    wow… same symtoms of? many types of cancer

  • Jesse DeBona says:

    i’m a drug addict and an alchoholic i’m drunk now and this is a wake up call i don’t think it’ll help but it’s a start i’m getting an intervwention soon? but fuck like wtf i’m 16 and i’ve done to much this sucks but this video is awsome

  • ennui406 says:

    I recognized my addiction, the? problem was, I didn’t fucking care. 2 yrs clean last month now. 12 step program worked for me.

  • Angelina Saunderson says:

    i can relate? 2 that

  • cadavison says:

    I think you should also mention:
    -sores and scabs, especially on the face and arms (from uppers)
    -teeth from smoking (not just from insufflating)
    -blown blood vessels in face from alcoholism
    -bruises, track marks, collapsed veins
    -bloodshot eyes (pot)
    -excessive drowsiness (cocaine with drawl)
    -heroine sickness (from withdrawal)
    -burns on hands, swollen lips (from hot pipes)

    You get D on this? video. You need to do some research and present a comprehensive list. Perhaps drug specific?

  • forestskog says:

    Great vids but can you make them LONGER please? One? minute vids are just too short to really get into something. Thanks!

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