New at the Library

New at the library

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Ghosting by Kirby Gann is a novel about human desperation, poverty, broken men, abandoned dreams, a family torn apart by drugs in rural Kentucky. "Ghosting" is not for the faint-hearted. James Cole, a young man with a mother addicted to pain medication …
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Hot Lines 2/3/13

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There are plenty of jobs in Michigan. Or, are you one of those individuals getting … UNLESS YOU ARE willing to take a drug-addicted baby into your home and raise it as your own, please shut your mouth about abortion. There are already so many …
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NRA head wary on background checks, wants better instant check system

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… there is an irrefutable case because it's simply enforcing the law that people who are dangerous, people who are criminals, convicted felons, dangerous drug addicts or mentally ill or domestic abusers ought to be denied the opportunity to purchase …
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Drug testing for welfare users passes legislative hurdle in Virginia

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The bill requires the 14,500 participants in the state's welfare-to-work program to undergo screening to asses their risk of drug abuse. Those flagged as potential users would then be tested for drugs by the … If there's welfare recipients using, we …
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