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Elite Fighting and Fitness – Per Wickstrom – I hit rock bottom at the age of 38. I could no longer play sports, I could no longer enjoy football games, I could no longer hang out with my friends. Nothing mattered but getting high and drinking. Luckily I found an addiction treatment center that saved my life. I decided to open up a boxing center and partner with my good friend and former WBO Cruiser Weight World Champion Tyrone Booze. So I dedicated my life to help those people in need. That is why I built Best Drug Rehabilitation. With Tyrone Booze and Sugar Ray Tony Rozario, we are creating a youth boxing academy here in Battle Creek, Michigan. As a young man I was a professional boxer; I was very good, but there were better. Like the old story goes, there’s always somebody better around the corner. My experience with boxing taught me how sports can help children and young adults; they learn the value of hard work, they learn the value of being a disciplined individual, and they learn to respect one another. As children we dream about changing the world and doing amazing creative things. But somewhere along the way, a thing called reality kicks in and tells us we shouldn’t dream big; but that instead, we should dream realistically, we should work from 9 to 5, and we should just be a part of this big machine we call society. Many people in fact because of those reasons turn to alcohol and drugs. I took it as my mission to help all addicted, every single person in this world recover from any drugs and alcohol problem


For the poor, not much to count on….

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One of them, Deepak, aged 22, shares with the group. “I began with alcohol and then … There are several private drug rehab centres, some with even five-star facilities, but with no regulation of their activities, many of these are allegedly seeing …
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Wazza and Gazza: We all owe Paul Gascoigne because without him England

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Drink, drugs, wife-beating?” A hint as subtle as a cluster bomb, that here was the new Gazza. To be fair, even his fellow England players nicknamed him Wazza. But at 27 years and three months, Wazza has just picked up his 79th international cap and …
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Much is lost in the performance pressure-cooker

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Like stealing the CEO's credit card to drink the top shelf dry in an exclusive bar. Or letting off fireworks inside … They have been told poor player management leads to mental health issues, self medication and drug abuse. Precisely what they are …
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