Drug Rehabilitation, Drug Culture. How It Makes Addicts


Drug Rehabilitation, Drug Culture. How it Makes Addicts – In this video I go into one of the big reasons why kids so easily get into drugs. More at: drugrehabus.org for USA Viewers http for Australia While this is only one reason kids easily slip into drug taking it is a big part of modern life. There are others of course which I go into in other videos on the channel.


Recovery's improbable providence

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He walked the grounds with Richard J. Gallagher, the man who has helped many local teens tackle their drug and alcohol problems, as Gallagher explained the need for a residential treatment for these teens. McHenry, as president of the Alcohol and Drug …
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Eugene treatment facility shares take on local marijuana use prevalence

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(KMTR) — While questions linger about the Oregon Ducks football program and possible connection to marijuana use, one Eugene drug treatment center is weighing-in now about the prevalence of pot use in the local community. NewsSource 16 spoke with …
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They want to open a drug rehabilitation and needle swapping centre in #Tonbridge High Street?! #FeelingSaferByTheDay – by CatAspey (Catherine Aspey)


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Video games are cheaper than drug rehabilitation. – by adhdruin (brian)


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A sign on the lawn at a drug rehabilitation centre said: ‘Keep off the Grass.’ – by johnwalkleytoda (john walkley)


18 Responses to Drug Rehabilitation, Drug Culture. How It Makes Addicts

  • Archiesview says:

    Living with an addict is a heartbreaking affair. Getting them to face up to the situation they have got themselves into it a tough challenge. Getting them into rehab is nearly as tough such is the state of mind the drugs put them in. Usually it takes a skilled consultant to get through to the addict. Family members rarely can do it. They are too? close to the problem. They also don’t have the necessary skills that only come with experience. No one can make an unwilling addict do a rehab program.

  • Matilda Blair says:

    Thus these drug rehabilitation? programs are a beacon of hope to the hopeless and a silver lining in the cloud for families which are unfortunate enough to share their roof with a loved one who is dependent more on a substance than on them for solace.

  • Archiesview says:

    Yes, that is a huge factor in a child’s life. Sadly decent parenting is very much a disappearing trait. Parents under strees can get into drugs and then so do the kids. Druged out parents put? drugs onto the unborn kid and then they wonder why the kid is deformed or has other problems. It’s a very sad state of affairs indeed.

  • SongEThibodeau says:

    These days, there are millions of drug addicts and the number of drug addicts is increasing at a very rapid speed as well with each passing day.Some of the factors are supposed to be negligence on the part of the parents of the children, as far as care and filial love are concerned. Nowadays, parents have no time to love their children and provide them with proper care and let them feel well supported? and truly loved.

  • Archiesview says:

    Yes this is true. Once the drugs are really gone from the body with our detox it is very important to give them the skills to handle their future. Not just so they are no longer tempted but to be able to make a decent future life . This is covered in out Life skills section and? they love it.

  • jylnixon says:

    Well, how? many of us really know the actual meaning of rehabilitation? It means coming back to a normal, healthy, life with the help of therapies, medical treatment and proper education.They need to be strengthened in their minds to overcome all sorts of familiar trigger situations they might have to face and yet stay unfazed to their commitment to lead lives free of drug dependence.

  • Archiesview says:

    The second section of our program addresses this aspect of rehab. Once the drugs are out of their system you can start to talk sense to them. Something that is not possible until that happens because until you do that all you are? getting is drug talk. With the drugs gone you can reach them with reason and develop their life skills so they can live a decent drug free and useful life.

  • Archiesview says:

    The second section of our program addresses this aspect of rehab. Once the drugs are out of their system you can start to talk sense to them. Something that is not possible until that happens because until you do? that all you are getting is drug talk. With the drugs gone you can reach them with reason and develop their life skills so they can live a decent drug free and useful life.

  • OwensWhall says:

    They should also make it sure that they are mentally as well as physically ready to face the world with the usual vigor and positive energy? to overcome the stigma that their lives get associated with. While coming back to their normal lives they should be equipped with life skills that can sustain them in their social, familial and occupational life.

  • Archiesview says:

    You are so right. The one thing no drug program can do is make an unwilling person do the program. In fact a person with an unwilling attitude will never do anything about anything let alone do a rehab. This is the one attitude noboby can work with. It is the first obstacle to overcome. A skilled councillor can sometimes do it, but not always. Drugs are mind altering afer all. The councillor has to? get over this and through to the person for any progress to be made.

  • Archiesview says:

    It? takes a bit more than just a few reasons. In our Drug Talk program to schools we explain how drugs get into the fat and how drugs mess with the pictures in your mind and blank them out. This along with other points makes much more impression on kids than scare tactic nonsense which only does the opposite just like you say. It only gets them more interested to try drugs.

  • GaleRTran says:

    Drug rehabilitation is made difficult when the patients exhibit difficult behavior and attitude. Addicts have to make? up their mind to undergo a rigorous and fruitful training sessions. If they are not co-operating, the entire process may be a failure. Hence an effective drug rehab program is important.

  • Archiesview says:

    The thing is Sam, no other rehab uses the detox method we use that gets the drugs completely out of the person’s body. This is what causes the relapses as explained in the detox video. That’s why the others have such an atrocious relapse rate. Our graduates don’t relapse and therefore have no need of “continued” support to keep them off. A rehab that has to keep them clean has failed utterly by definition. Rehab means to? return to a former state of health or good standing.

  • samleoberg says:

    Many addicts continue living with the dangers of addiction, without even being aware of it and treating it. Denial is the most important problem? which will be stopping your loved one from getting into an addiction treatment program.Continuing support is offered by rehab centers to help the ex-addict sustain abstinence.

  • Archiesview says:

    Yes, James this is so true. We have a program of talks that presenters deliver to schools. It is a no-scare-tactic series? of talks to get kids to look at the drug issues and make up their own minds about the subject. After each talk each kid is given a survey to fill out on what they thought of the talk. We get rave replies. It’s very encouraging to see that when they get the straight data they see through the drugs makes it better scam.

  • James Kestep says:

    Support groups can be an invaluable? source of strength for addicts who want to move forward. The commitment to get and stay clean will in all likelihood be challenged many times over, especially in a college environment, and that is why it is so important to have an educational institution that supports students with addiction issues.

  • Archiesview says:

    This is true Christian; I have a little booklet on my website that dispels a few of the myths about drugs. But it usually takes a live talk? to get the message over so it sticks. The funny thing is no one wants to pay for drug talks. Young people already know far more than any adult. They have the benefit of zero experience. They barely want to pay for rehab to undo the damage of their stupid mistake for getting started.

  • CristianKurty says:

    There’s no question that drug use is a serious problem in our society.”Just say no to drugs!” However, as we all see, this campaign was ineffective at best. The truth be known, the Just say no to drugs campaign yielded little more than snickers from young? people. They’re primed to rebel anyway. Give them a few reasons to stay away from drugs and perhaps we’ll realize greater success.

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