Drug Addicts Without 'Hope'

Drug addicts without 'Hope'

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However, this was not met with a similar increase in the number of drug rehabilitation centers. I expected the ministry to give some attention to this important issue. The successful rehabilitation of drug addicts will save society from a number of …
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Felony Charge Proposed For Mothers Who Deliver Drug Addicted Babies

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If passed, the mother of a drug-addicted baby could be hit with a class D felony and face up to 5 years in prison. “If they don't voluntarily accept the treatment, and hunger for the treatment. I got no problem with incarcerating them and forcing the …
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Overdoses a top killer in county

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Heroin was barely on the radar screen when Carmen Ambrosino entered the drug addiction treatment field four decades ago. “It's gone from a drug that was obscure to our number-two drug,” said Ambrosino, head of Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug …
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