Drug Addiction: How Cocaine Vaccines Could Cure Drug Addiction – FOX News

How cocaine vaccines could cure drug addiction – FOX News

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Could one shot cure a hard drug addiction? Researchers have developed not one, but two cocaine vaccines that show promise in blocking the highly addictive drug before it reaches the brain. The vaccines have been successful in monkeys and mice …
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What drives drug addiction – Times of India

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Researchers have zeroed in on a set of nerve cells (neurons) in the brain’s hypothalamus that is not only linked with hunger and overeating, but also drives drug addiction. Researchers focused attention on the brain’s reward circuits located in …
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Love activates the same region in the brain as drug addiction – io9.com

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Cynics of the world have long complained that love is an abstract concept, something conjured by poets and the hopelessly romantic. But the suggestion that love is a cultural invention is out of synch with the latest research. Neuroscientists working out …
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Americans' problems with pain meds go back a century

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Doctors, who feared the drugs' addictive qualities, largely refused to prescribe the pills for pain treatment. And patients, who feared both the effects and the …
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New breed of anti-drug crusaders trying to reach their peers on

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Their hope is to do what parents, teachers and police haven't accomplished — reach peers with a message about heroin and reverse the trend of drug use and …
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How Cocaine Vaccines Could Cure Drug Addiction

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Here's the latest on the development of vaccines to turn the immune systems of cocaine users against their drug of choice.
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