Drug Addiction Facts & Statistics.


Drug Addiction Facts & Statistics. – Drug and alcohol abuse are defined as an example of drinking or using drugs (prescription and illicit) that cause harmful effects to a person’s health, livelihood, relationships, and productivity. Single dosage of either alcohol or drugs doesn’t automatically deems the person an addict. For immediate help call : (855) 829-9148 a55dd99ic11t


Sag Harbor Community Turns Out to Hear Substance Abuse Stats

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Six months after newly-released statistics on alcohol and drug use among Sag Harbor students sparked major controversy, over 50 concerned community members gathered at Pierson Middle/High School last Thursday for the first formal presentation of the …
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The trouble with statistics on child abuse and neglect in Michigan

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I suspect that the reason infants show up more in the statistics is because of drug testing in hospitals. Hospitals do drug tests on the mother and baby at the time of birth. My guess is that many of the abuse and neglect cases for infants are about …
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