Disabled Driver Shane Hmiel to Take Big Step in Recovery With Accessible

Disabled driver Shane Hmiel to take big step in recovery with Accessible

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Hmiel has limited use of his arms and continues to see progress through therapy sessions, which include month-long visits to the renowned Shepherd Center in Atlanta, which specializes in brain and spinal cord injuries. It was at Shepherd where they had …
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Jefferson County targets 'frequent flier' inmates with new intensive-treatment

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Stults is now the poster child for an intense new treatment program planned by Metro Corrections and Seven County Services that will target the jail's 50 top revolving-door offenders, whose chronic struggles with mental illness, substance abuse …
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Q&A: Drug crusader Gabriel Sayegh on saving money and lives in the drug war

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(After Portugal decriminalized all drugs, including heroin and cocaine, it reduced its number of blood borne diseases and STDs, reduced drug abuse, halved its number of addicts and reatly reduced property crimes connected with people stealing to …
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