Club Drug 'Molly' Makes Waves in Atlanta

Club drug 'Molly' makes waves in Atlanta

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According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the side effects include confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug craving and anxiety which can last days and weeks. "I have noticed extreme dehydration and people collapsing and things like that …
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Listening To Medical Marijuana: From Chronic Pain To Fear

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News on the state's largest health insurers; the effects of health care reform on coverage; rising premium costs. … Here she sits in on a “listening session” in Roxbury where some participants said they desperately need the drugs for long term …
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We must fight prescription drug abuse

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They don't know what they're taking, but they blindly throw a pill down the hatch and wait for the side effects to kick in. It's no surprise … So while the problem of prescription drug abuse is growing, it brings about another disturbing trend — the …
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Alcohol problems result in task force

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“The program was not mandatory, and we began to use that as a sanction for alcohol violations. It was an educational kind of survey that revolved around alcohol and drugs and what effects it has on students.” More surveys like be used in the future to …
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