Candy Christmas Coming to Marion

Candy Christmas coming to Marion

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There are many success stories of people rescued from the depths of drug abuse and, through contact with the bridge ministry, have rebounded to a productive live. Christmas details many of these stories in her book “On the Other Side.” VINCE HOFFARD …
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10 Genres and the Addicts Who Love Them

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Nevertheless, the resurgence of this inspiring tale of human determination in the face of addiction has inspired us to wonder what it would look like if the drug of choice were any of the ten following musical genres. 10. Chillwave If we were pop …
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The United States has a Massive, Crippling Spending Addiction…Or Not

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According to Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, America has a “crippling addiction to spending,” and that spending is the crux of all of our deficit and debt problems. … are these, and they're incredibly difficult for the Republican …
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