Bob Levy’s Substance Abuse 3-26-08


Bob Levy’s Substance Abuse 3-26-08 – Bob Levy’s Substance Abuse 3-26-08


Expert talks teen substance abuse in New Canaan Wednesday

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Learn about substance abuse and gain the knowledge and skills needed to keep your children safe at a town-wide presentation by Ginger Katz, CEO and founder of the Courage to Speak Foundation, on Wednesday, Feb. 6, 7:30 p.m. at New Canaan High …
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24 Responses to Bob Levy’s Substance Abuse 3-26-08

  • Eric Sim says:

    Danny Bonedouche ? thinks hes Jesus lol

  • h5y says:

    wow, good eye, no clue how you saw him.?

  • h5y says:

    Haha lol, that dude descriptions are hilarious, not sure if he is leveling or serious.?

  • Jick Niblet says:

    Xanax is perscribed to everyone who doesn’t need it. If bob Levy can get up? on stage and tell jokes he doesn’t have bad anxiety.

  • LeftLaneDreams says:

    “Levy? is God”, the words of an absolute loser.. Lmfao

  • Sandy Fordham says:

    a workout gives you a? sort of high as well

  • joseph hernandez says:

    Everyone’s got their choice of drug. But what I’m saying is those who try? and explain why they do what they do when all they SHOULD do is say they enjoy doing whatever it is they do, because that’s the truth and it ends the argument right there.

  • Nunya Stieger says:

    drinking is fun but after 5 years of binge drinking and starting to get stomach problems at? 27 im just about done with it

  • Nunya Stieger says:


  • AzadtheMass says:

    To each his own, I know some ppl enjoy being drunk to relax? or whatever but I’d rather get a workout in or something. Not knockin it though

  • AggressiveNarcissism says:

    What’s the hate for the Rev… This guy is witty, truthful and doesn’t give a? fuck. regardless if he’s not mayweather he would still call Floyd a black welfare collecting sissy… Levy is god.

  • J0k0r50 says:

    14:16 haha look at Phil, Bam Margera’s? dad.

  • jimijackson says:

    youre welcome.?

  • clipsryan says:

    How is a contradiction suppose to make me happy?

    About 5 days too late? but thanks.

  • jimijackson says:

    okey doke. just to make you happy and start the new year off well..

    it was absolutely not a fight..

    it was absolutely not a? stunt..


    happy new year.

  • clipsryan says:

    Again, it wasn’t a fight so you? keep making the same wrong statement and I have no reason to believe YOU know it’s a stunt.

  • jimijackson says:

    fake fight in that it was set up. yes? he slapped him…but it was a stunt.

  • joseph hernandez says:

    why don’t people admit that drinking is fucking fun and stop trying to blame it? on faults etc.

  • gjschaaffmedia says:

    Levy is a mystery – why is he famous? He is? so unfunny.

  • clipsryan says:

    Once famous, always famous. That’s the idea of being famous, idiot and him being a ginger doesn’t matter. If he’s? such a piece of shit, the fuck does him being a ginger matter?

  • clipsryan says:

    It wasn’t a fight and that wasn’t a fake slap.?

  • clipsryan says:

    Real man? Real idiot.? He was very lucky the guards got involved.

  • steve6729 says:

    Bob Levy makes me embarrassed to be Jewish. He is so dumb I think he had brain damage as a child. He is so dumb he could not spell cat if? you gave him the C and the A. Well he has done really well for someone so challenged. He just needs one of those helmets and a drool cup.

  • seajist says:

    ARTIE does the? best fucking blue

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