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Christie shows creative form of legalization

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While we're concerned about the possible side effects, such as increased gambling addiction and corruption, it is pretty cool that Christie is increasing funding for programs that help gambling addicts. He's also increasing the tax on online winnings …
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People's Pharmacy: Did nose-spray addiction raise blood pressure?

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I need help with my nasal-spray addiction. I've been addicted to Dristan for more than 15 … You are quite correct that low levels of iron are associated with restless legs syndrome (Sleep Medicine online, Jan. 17). Thanks for letting us know of your …
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Reality slaps: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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Many popular ideas about happiness will make you miserable, says a former GP turned self-help therapist, whose strategies worked wonders in his own life. … ACT appealed to the English-born Australian doctor because it had proved effective in treating …
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8 Responses to Addiction ~ Empathic Mystic Online Tarot – UnificationNow

  • Mystery207 says:

    Tell that to corporate giants! I have? a greed for money! Replace all my addictions for getting money! Did not say anything about amassing billions let’s do this!

  • sweetypie000 says:

    if? you are a lesbian and an addict for line dancing just let it out and be known, all friends here ! 🙂

  • TheDude0fLife says:

    Everything is an addiction. It’s in our DNA, that’s the reason we are here, we have the lust for life, love, food, sex, any sort of pleasure. Otherwise we’d just kill ourselves when things weren’t? going our way.

  • j0hnwi11iams says:

    What is required to stop addiction is mindfulness. The hardest addictions? to break are the ones that we act out unconsciously. We need to have the presence of mind to intervene on behalf of ourselves to break the negative schema process – a vicious cycle. Part of the human condition is being riddled with schemas and addictions, and learning how to develop the mindfulness necessary to rid yourself of them. With mindfulness it only requires a gentle push to change.

  • j0hnwi11iams says:

    I have to disagree with you somewhat here. Some addictions may be framed as a mode of escape from painful truths, but not all addictions start that way or continue that way. An addition is simply a means of short term? gratification that does not consider longer term consequences. Certainly many of our habits are formed before we understand longer term consequences or believe that they will apply to us. Addiction can be quite spontaneous.

  • PeaceProfit says:

    One who seeks a healthy reality, allows that hope leads? the spirit, trust leads the heart, reason leads the mind, action leads the body while evidence draws the being…

  • brightbite says:

    Great insights, Amanda. Very true, all? of it.

  • sliferfan says:

    it’s amazing what anyof us can be addicted to and not know it. i think i have an addiction to the new honeyroasted peanutbutter that’s out? in stores now.

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