50 Shades of Pornography Addiction

50 shades of pornography addiction

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5. Using pornography, self stimulation, or online sexual or romantic connections instead of a meaningful social and recreational life. Pornography addiction is real and it is harmful. If you notice these behaviors in yourself, you should seek …
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Jahaziel backs campaign to shield kids from porn sites

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MOBO Award winning gospel artiste Jahaziel (right) has released a free download song to support the Safetynet campaign launched by Premier Radio and Safer Media, which is calling on the government to block children's access to Internet porn. … of how …
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Pornography: The Salted Caramel Ice Cream of Sex

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Internet pornography is the junk food of sex and love addiction. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should google "free streaming porn" next time he enjoys his 8-ounce glass of unsweetened iced tea. Internet porn is to monogamous sex as salted caramel ice cream is …
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